Changes to WalletCard Free

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Beginning June 30, 2021, WalletCard Free will transition to a View Only Account.

The following features will remain in WalletCard Free:

  • Basic Compliance Emails
  • Receive unlimited Certificates from WalletCard Training Provider partners and Employees
  • Print Certificates to Default format
  • Single Administrator access
  • B2B Project & Records Sharing
  • Android & iOS Mobile App**

** Integrating soon

Basic Compliance Emails:

Receive daily, weekly or monthly basic compliance emails that automatically notifies you the total number of expired certifications within your account. Easily log into WalletCard to see your compliance issues and schedule training.

Receive unlimited Certificates from WalletCard Training Provider partners and Employees:

WalletCard Training Provider partners can create and issue verified digital certificates that are automatically managed in your account. Your employees can also upload their certificates to their WalletCard account and share them with you.

Print Certificates to Default format:

Bulk print wallet cards and certificates to the default printing format. Files are saved as a PDF and can be easily shared as required. Premium formats include printing to plastic card printer or Avery card template.

Single Administrator access and B2B Project & Records Sharing:

One administrator can receive access to your WalletCard View Only account.

Easily and securely share records from your WalletCard account to another organization.

The following features will be removed from WalletCard Free:

  • Certified Trainer Courses
  • Business License Management
  • Resource Sharing to Employees
  • Adding Document Notes
  • Uploading Certificates
  • Adding Documents to Certificates
  • Adding Employees
  • Printing Certificates to Card Printer and Avery Card Template
  • Card Name Management

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