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Free your wallet, never lost, never stolen, your workplace certificates on the cloud.

Features: Upload Digital Certificates, Retraining Notifications, Print Cards, Send Records to Your Employer and Store Tests & Forms

Company Plans - Compliance Management Platform

No more static spreadsheets, multiple binders, countless paper files and complicated software to manage Training Records & safety documentation.

WalletCard is an all-in-one solution for tracking, managing
and certifying your workforce.

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☑ Certification & Licenses Management

☑ Robust Employee Management

☑ B2B Project Record Sharing

☑ Multi Administrator Access

☑ Multi Location Management

☑ Employee Competency Management

☑ Document Notes Management

☑ In-House Certificate Designer

☑ Training Requirements by Job Roles

☑ Program Scheduling & Resources

☑ Custom Training Matrices

... and many more features!

Coming Soon to WalletCard:

Digital Inspections & Checklists, QR Code Record Access
& CSV Uploading!

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Training Provider Plans - Training Management Platform

Verified digital Certificates sent directly to your Clients & Trainees. Eliminate paper cards, instantly give your Customers access to secure Training Records & retraining reminders.

Start issuing crafted custom digital certificates
from your desktop with ease.

Training Provider Plans Have No Monthly Fees!

☑ Pricing as low as $0.25 per Certification

☑ Unlimited Connected Staff Trainers

☑ Re-Certification Notifications

☑ Client Relationship Management

☑ Free Client Access/Portals

☑ Custom Certificate Designer

☑ Certification Tracking & Renewals

☑ Share Resources & Best Practices

☑ Attach Training Documentation

☑ 3rd Party Multi-Certificate Uploader

☑ Train-the-Trainer Platform

... and many more features!

Coming Soon to WalletCard:

Email Training Surveys, Equipment Inspection Certifications
& CSV Uploading!

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