API Integrations

Centralize training records and keep your applications in sync

Automated Training Administration

We know manual data entry sucks. And having to enter the same data over multiple applications is even worse. Our API’s completely remove the need for duplicate data entry by continuously syncing our data with your systems in a two-way stream to ensure your safety records are always up-to-date.

We work with 3rd party training vendors (or your internal training team) to eliminate the repetitive task of inputting safety records. With WalletCard’s API integrations you can easily…

  • Add, archive or delete user accounts based on your ERP or EHS system
  • Automate onboarding of data from LMS and safety training vendors
  • Ensure job based training and certification requirements are met
  • Forecast your training budget and review upcoming training needs to monitor overall compliance
  • And lots more…

Interested in eliminating hours of tedious data entry?


Our API’s will effortlessly connect all your safety management systems into one central repository, streamlining your organization’s compliance and administration.

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